Tales from the Travels of Baron Munchausen certified as strictly true by Gulliver, Sindbad, and Aladdin.
London Bouverie House, E.C.4: Ernest Benn Limited, 1926
[Books for the Bairns 23]
Broschur; Format 12,3 x 18,4; 60 + 4 Seiten
First reissued in Ernest Benn's edition, in 1926
Printed in Great Britain by Mackays Ltd., Chatham
Großbritannien [SCH 1926/06]
»These are the first 25 of these famous old books to be reissued under Messrs. Ernest Benn's management. These titles will be published during September and October.«
Dies ist die Wiederauflage der Ausgabe von Stead's "Books for the Bairns"